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Samantha Young, Head of Global Marketing and Sales Global

Samantha Young | Head of Global Marketing and Sales

Sam has a keen ability for cultivating relationships and creating opportunities. As Head of Global Marketing and Sales, she is successfully generating strategic alliances, corporate clients of scale, and developing inroads to new markets globally.

Prior to joining AMI, Sam spent over 15 years in private banking. She Leverages her dynamic background in global wealth and insurance actuarial sciences to contribute to the continuous growth of our marketing efforts and brand awareness as well as the strategic navigation of competitive landscapes in specific healthcare markets.

Her collaborative style and work ethic have enabled her to build a team of highly skilled professionals. Working closely with the team, Sam will be at the forefront of the AMI-GA brand in industry circles. She is aggressively pursuing a commercial book of business in key global sectors where the AMI brand has preceded. 

As a senior business leader, Sam believes a successfully aligned organization is defined by a company’s broader mission and values. Therefore, every touchpoint of the brand experience directly leads to delivering on the purpose, without compromise to clients. As Head of Global Marketing and Sales, Sam is responsible for leading a purpose-driven, collaborative and innovative team, which inevitably translates into a meaningful brand experience for customers.

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