Libya Trade Conference

AMI Global Assistance News: Libya Trade Conference

Recently AMI-GA attended the Libya Trade Conference in London. As members of the Libyan British Business Council, AMI-GA aims to collaborate with business leaders on risk management strategies for Libyan operations.  

As AMI-GA’s first engagement with the LBBC, Senior Emergency Operations Specialist, Darren Jackman, suggests “These are exactly the kind of forums needed to gain a better understanding of the business community’s unique and collective challenges from a high-level perspective. The LBBC’s insights combined with our shared experiences on the ground throughout Libya support our firm in the continuous evolution of a comprehensive yet dynamic approach to travel risk management in the region.” 

Furthermore, AMI-GA’s COO, Christopher Watson, also comments on AMI’s ground experience in Libya. Pointing out, “It is the key to providing the unique risk management platform clients in this environment demand. We have lived in our clients’ shoes, worked outside of compound walls, traveled to remote areas of Libya. The on the ground presence matters.” 

A special thank you to Alan Rides MIEx (Grad) for hosting a fantastic event. 

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