Celebrating a meeting
of minds and active

Athens, Greece
23-27th October 2022

30 Years of ITIC GLOBAL

The global travel and health insurance and assistance community is gathering in Athens.

The event marks AMI-GA’s first attendance to the prestigious global event and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

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Countdown to Athens!


Are you ready?

ITIC Global Welcome Reception

A Warm Welcome

We’re delighted to be co-sponsoring the Welcome Reception together with ITIC. The reception will take place at the iconic Hellenic Motor Museum between 19.00 – 21.00.

This dual sponsorship was borne out of our respective shared values, including a passion for active collaboration and thought leadership.

At AMI Global Assistance (AMI-GA), we collaborate closely with likeminded individuals, organisations and entities towards simplifying and improving healthcare around the world.

Meet the Team

We’re looking forward to meeting friends and colleagues – old and new – in this unique venue, featuring stunning classic cars, historical architecture, and a fabulous platform for industry collaboration.

Our Athens delegation

Randy Cook
Chief Executive Officer

Chris Watson
Chief Operating Officer

Sam Young
Global Head of Sales & Marketing

Sharon Solomon 
Operations Manager

Shelby Friedel
Senior Operations Analyst

Rob Upton
Strategic Advisor

Lorien Cross
Content Strategist & Creative Lead

Roundtable launch:

Collaboration in action

Roundtable launch:

Collaboration in action

Industry Experts

As ITIC Global commenses, AMI-GA is taking this opportunity to bring together a select group of industry experts to kickstart a collaborative new initiative. 

Assistance Intelligence Committee (AIC) Roundtable  

‘Improving Healthcare and Medical Services in Africa’

King George Ballroom, King George Hotel, Athens

The Assistance Intelligence Committee (AIC) Roundtable
is the first step in a journey towards:

Our goal is to discover how assistance companies can become agents for change in the industry. Together, we’ll seek active collaboration with an aim to make a difference in the health, lives, and interests of those we serve.

Guest Speakers

AMI-GA CEO, Randy Cook will host this collaborative, ambitious and agile discussion among the following distinguished guests:

Dr. Charlie Easmon
TEDx Speaker, Medical Director & Founder of Global Health Action Strategies and Solutions

Fiona Greenwood
Operations Director, Rowland Brothers International

Shane Marais
General Manager, Universal Air Evac

Dr Ahmed Monir
CEO, LGA Assistance Group 

Join us on a journey of discovery

*Light bites and refreshments will be available during the event.

Follow the AIC program progress:  


STEP ONE: Roundtable risk identification.

Tap into the expertise being shared during the October roundtable platform that is designed to identify the key socio-environmental factors impacting duty of care, risk management, healthcare outcomes and loss ratios in Africa.  

We also look forward to hosting Mandy Langfield, Editor - ITIJ, with the goal of further developing the Assistance Intelligence Committee program.    

medical report

STEP TWO: Record and report.

Co-branded committee reports will deliver valuable insights on challenges and impacts discussed, felt far beyond the assistance community.  

STEP THREE: Drive and monitor change.

Deliver a framework designed to help drive better outcomes and protect health dollars across the industry.  


For more information, please send us an email.

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