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Company Overview

At AMI Global Assistance (AMI-GA), part of the AMI Group of Companies, our heritage is rooted in 10+ years of world-class healthcare solutions and medical assistance services specializing in underserved, austere and conflicted environments.

We provide acute care and agile proprietary medical, transport and aviation assistance services through innovative tech-forward tools. We serve international Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and world-renowned NGOs and charities. We break down barriers and support fair access to quality, clinical care for today’s travelers, including the globally mobile, and those on professional international assignments and missions. We also partner with our customers, patients and the healthcare and assistance community to achieve optimal health and cost management outcomes.  


Our Pledge

AMI Global Assistance: our pledge

We stand for quality, transparency, and innovation. We understand there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution in the assistance space.

We start by focusing on your unique needs, the areas you operate in, and the challenges you face. From there, we bring you an optimal, customized solution that helps support the resiliency of your workforce: a solution that takes care of the health, wellbeing, safety, and security of your people so they can focus on the job at hand.

Before, during and after your personnel’s venture, mission, or trip, we supply the services and tools that help them access physical and mental healthcare, navigate global travel, and receive safety and security support and emergency assistance. 


Whether in remote and challenging environments or in the world’s most developed regions, we are here to meet your demand for world-class assistance solutions. We offer you a suite of services and solutions that are not only highly relevant to today’s volatile, evolving global environment but are also designed to be fit for purpose tomorrow.  This way, you have all you need to build an active and dynamic resilience ecosystem.

"With London serving as the epicenter to the global insurance market, we chose to place our headquarters where our clients, their insurers, and our partners can easily access one another. AMI-GA is a collaborative firm that believes that improved outcomes begin with close working relationships between all stakeholders."

Randy Cook, CEO
AMI Global Assistance News: London Headquarters
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